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Day 1 :

  • Emerging Infectious Diseases

Session Introduction

Harpal Mangat

American Association of Physicians & Surgeons, USA

Title: Treatment of COVID 19

Harpal Mangat is affiliated to American Association of Physicians & Surgeons, USA, his research interest includes Immunology, Virology. He has discovered special treatments for COVID 19.


Statement of the Problem: Covid 19 is a two-step disease 1,2,3. The first step lasts approximately 10 days and is viremic initially that progresses to highly inflammatory host dependent second step 1,2,3. Sadly, studies have been done using anti-viral’s in the second phase without recognition of the inflammatory condition. As the patient recovers there is a loss of T cell immunity resulting in the patient being more susceptible to mycoplasma and atypical viral infections3.

Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Coronaviruses were first discovered in 19644. They were recognized as commensals living in the respiratory secretions of the nasopharynx with a characteristic crown appearance from the spike proteins. In 2014 it was found that coronaviruses immobilized the lung T cell response5.

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) type 2 receptors are found in the nasopharynx, alveoli of the lungs, small intestine, brain, and the external surface of the pancreas. Once activated the ACE 2 enzymes not only activate the Renin Angiotensin system but also the bradykinin pathways leading to increased cell permeability. Covid 19 shows a significant increase to ACE 2 receptors compared with those discovered in1964, and each wave shows altered specificity on the spike protein. Specific JAK 2 pathways bring on the cytokine storm leading into step 2.

This can be blocked using famotidine.

Mangat has developed a two-step approach consisting of five phases in step 1 and in step 2 high dose steroids to decrease inflammation. He has treated over a thousand patients remotely with no deaths

Conclusion & Significance: The two step 5 phase approach enables Covid 19 to be treated effectively without a need of hospitalization. It moves Covid 19 from an untreatable pandemic to a highly treatable condition.


Kunal Joon has done his MSc in genetics and virology and studying virus for 5 years and discovered it living and found its treatment.


DNA forward rolling
Activation all dominant gene on DNA

DNA backward rolling
Activation of all recessive genes on DNA

RNA forward rolling
Studying mRNA formed due to forward rolled DNA

RNA backward rolling
Studying mRNA formed due to backward rolled DNA

Introduction of Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear medicine is made up of the glucose fats proteins and vitamins, huge amount of immune cells with iron oxide. The glucose fats breakdown and release energy, proteins and vitamins build up and repair damaged tissue. Immune cells released in body build up and divide the other immune cells and fight against virus and its infection.

Nuclear medicine affects the virus by increasing and repairing immunity of body by increasing energy in body and by building up the immune cells. An animal who is affected by the virus should take two times a nuclear medicine in an hour, as because immune system takes large time to repair.

Benefits of Nuclear Medicine:

1. Nuclear medicine increases the immunity of the body and also some amount of temperature.

2. Nuclear medicine increases the energy of the body and build up the body muscles.

Side Effect of Nuclear Medicine: Taking large amount of nuclear medicine can lead to increase the large amount of temperature and can even lead to dehydration. The nuclear medicine increases the immunity, energy in the body and even increases the temperature of the body and even build up the immune system strong and even body capacity to fight against the infection.

Nuclear Medicine Design: Energy Doses: It is used to maintain energy balance in patients’ bodies and level the patient’s energy.

Antibodies: This is used to treat virus and kill it. It is used to kill the virus. Designing monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies are designed by DNA forward rolling and DNA backward rolling, we take a particular gene from virus which kills or resists the viral Infection. Treatment of any virus or viral disease can be done through this Medicine.